“Alone in black Yggdrasil, cursed Bitternacht floats.

All come to the Grey City,

All come to the Lost Land,

All come to the Prison of the Hidden.

Mortal and immortal, found and lost, man and monster,

All come to Bitternacht,

 And none ever leaves.

Alone in black Yggdrasil cursed Bitternacht floats.”

                                                      -Excerpt from the 1236 M Manuscript-

“There is a place unknown to all of sleeping humanity and nearly all of the inhabitants of the Earth.  It floats in a sphere in the black of an in between plain called Yggdrasil.  Within the sphere are roughly seven hundred square miles of land and ocean.   For millennia it has been there.  None know who this prison will choose to draw from Earth and who it will let pass by, but it seems to primarily trap those calling themselves the Hidden.  Those who call themselves the Hidden are those the unbelievers of today would call supernatural or mythical.  There are those who can come and go from this place as they wish and others who can never leave, but none who have not been there know of its existence.  It protects itself from the whims and inquisitiveness of man.  Those who have been there and returned to Earth cannot relate their experience or any other information regarding the place to anyone.  Something stops them.  In this sphere there is a city, built by the great dragon.  The greatest dragon to ever live, but I will not speak any more of that one.  The city is called Bitternacht and it is as wonderful as it is terrible.  It is ruled by many in belief and one in truth.  If there is one prayer that I can suggest you pray, it is that you never find yourself pulled into this prison.”

                                                     -E-mail burst sent to all US Government addresses from unknown source on July 10th 1998-

 A long time ago I and my friends played a game.  It was a role playing game and the story was based on many other stories that I had seen in many different forms as well as my own invention.  We became so engrossed in the tale that we were all making with our characters and settings that we strived to play it at all times.  We eventually made our own games system to facilitate the game we were playing.  We loved it in every way you can love a story.  It seemed to take on its own life and we strived to make it ever better and stronger.  Now it is years later and I want to try to capture that experience again.  All of us want the story to be told and I am going to try and tell it.  So, there is now a web comic to tell that story.  We have worked on many similar products over the years and there may be more than just the comic in the future.  I cannot guarantee anything, but you never know.



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