About Us

The story behind Bitternacht Games:

Bitternacht Games, Inc. started out it’s short life during one of our many nights role playing. TheGrayKnight, our Game Master, asked us what we thought about writing our own RPG. And since we had very little else to do we agreed to the idea and Bitternacht Games was created. Originally we were only planning on writing an RPG, but soon after D, Paladin and TheGrayKnight all started work on their respective novels. So the idea of creating a publishing company was born.

Though we do not have anything published as of yet, we are working on acquiring our Publishing license. Which should be relatively simple, but we are waiting until we have something to publish before taking that step.

If you have anyother questions about Bitternacht Games or the products we will be publising please contact me @ oldwulf@bitternacht.com and if I can not answer your questions I will get someone in touch with you that can.

Thank you,
The Bitternacht Games, Inc. Staff