An Explanation

“There will come a day when men will no longer speak to spirits.  They will no longer respect the Tuatha De Danaan or fear Dragons.  The Trolls will hide in their mountains and the Dwarves in their caves.  Magic will be forgotten and ingenuity will replace it in men’s’ eyes, only to be replaced again by use of others ingenuity.  Humanity will become complacent in its understanding of the universe and there will no longer be those who search beyond their understanding of the cosmos.  All of those who are beyond humanities’ ken and understanding will become hidden.  Hidden for their own defense as well as man’s.  The secret places will become both havens and prisons and the Otherworld will seethe with war.  All of this will occur beyond humanities’ notice as they become fat in their complacency and dependence on other’s work.

 Why do they hide?  Why do the children of the earth and stone, water and wind, air and fire hide from humanity?  There will be guardians who police these Hidden.  They will protect the humans from their own understanding and protect the hidden from the humans. 

 But, there may come a day when the Hidden tire of lurking in shadows.  When the secret places burst with hate and war and the Otherworld spills into humanities’ Earth.  On that day man will need all of their blessings from the creator to survive.”

                                    -Inscription in cuneiform found on a tablet in the city of Nineveh signed M-


“Deep in the shadows of society dwell the Hidden..the danaan, the brotherhood, the psychics, and the living dead……forced to hide their gifts because society wouldn’t understand them……mythology made fact and reality turned false….”



“The Hidden are what human kind would call supernatural beings that live and have always lived apart from humanity.  They comprise a vast array of forms and types with many different origins among them.  Long ago they interacted with humans, but that is so long ago that no human or human record survives that would recall the time.  Many have disappeared into the Otherworld, a separate dimensional Earth that is not as fully formed as the one Humanity inhabits, while others have retreated underground or even to other worlds linked to Earth.  This great retreat is most often linked to the inquisition and that time of upheaval, but it had already begun before that dreadful time.  The Inquisition merely hurried it along. 


The Guardians of the Darkness are a secret society made up of Hidden who police the Hidden community to stop any from betraying their existence.  Any who actively try to do this are punished severely and quickly with terrible prejudice.  The Guardians were formed to stop the humans from finding out about the Hidden and to keep stories of the Hidden relegated to fairy tales.


Now the Hidden remain outside of Human awareness to save themselves from human jealousy and conniving.  Although there are Humans who know of the hidden they fear both the derision of their fellows and the power of the Guardians of the Darkness.”

-Document found in the Vatican Secret Archives when many volumes of “Anathema material and items were removed to an undisclosed location.-