WordPress Changes

I have completed moving the wordpress sites from sub domain to sub directory format.  All sub domains have a redirect to the appropriate sub directory.  Also I have changed almost all links with in the Bitternacht sites to point to the correct sub directory.

Please leave me a comment if you have any errors.  Also this was to resolve some issues with my web stats so I “should” notice any pages that are failing to load.


Bitternacht WordPress changes.

In an effort to clean up my web statistics I will be moving all of our wordpress sites from subdomain to subdirectory structure.  I will try to build all redirects to allow anyone who has our webpages bookmarked can still hit any of the Bitternacht sub sites.

If you run into troubles please be sure to stop back to the main Bitternacht site for any news.


Greetings and Salutations

Welcome visitor to the Bitternacht web site.  As you no doubt read from the front page this site is dedicated to the story of Bitternacht as dreamt up by The Grey Knight, TGK.  I was lucky enough to experience this story when we were fist role playing in the world of Bitternacht.  You will soon meet my character Wulfgang McDougle.  I have fond memories of creating the back story for Wulfgang and can not wait for you to experience the story of Bitternacht.  So please stop in often as we will be adding much more content to the site.  I know TGK is working hard to bring you the comic that will tell the story of Bitternacht.

For now I must bid you farewell, but fear not for we will speak again soon.