I may have finally fixed my sites.  Though I’m still not 100% certain.  This network of sites on has been stuck in limbo while I tried to come up with time to fix the database.  For some reason the auto increment bit was remove from all of my databases on this server.  I have manually corrected this and have reinstalled wordpress.  Now I’m hoping the sites are happy again.  I guess time will tell.


Catch up

Let’s see.  Haven’t posted since June.  Not much is happening.  Busy at work.  Busy at home.  Havent run since about a week after my last post.  Didnt agree with my joints.  I enjoyed running, but i enjoy being able to function with out pain even more.  I tried cycling, but couldnt get into that sport.  Tried tea bo, i can do that, but getting up early sucks big time.  

I guess I will have to figure something else oit if i want to get into shape.  We will see.

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