Day 3

Today was a good run.  Lexi ran with me today so my pace was off a bit, but today was the first day I expected to slow to a walk when winded which allowed me to complete the job with out being completely out of breath.  Lexi did well keeping up with me, but I’m not sure how excited she will be to run with me tomorrow.  I think David might have been a bit let down that I invited Lexi to run with me so he didn’t join us today.  I will split up their runs from now on.  Each will get to run with me three days a week and I will have Sunday to run on my own.

I just can’t wait for the muscles to get used to the running.

Todays run as recorded by Google fit:

Time: 15m 22s
Distance: 1.7 km
Steps: 1,869
Calories: 189

My heart rate at start was 72 bpm and at the end was 120 bpm.  Not sure what else to track.


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