My Prose

I have posted all of my prose on to this site.  I think this means I’m serious about keeping this site around for a while.  We will see, but with the addition of not only my prose, but also the new comic TGK is working on I think is here to stay.



I have been very awake this evening thinking about theoretical concepts.  The list of which was a brain teaser about two objects moving and nearly the speed of light.  The scenario goes something like this.  You have to objects, vehicles, traveling at near speed of light.  One vehicle is just ahead of the other, but both vehicles are traveling at the same velocity.  If the second vehicle were to switch on it’s lights would the first vehicle see the light?  The answer is of course yes.  But the discussion did not stop there.  I suggested we consider the scenario where the two vehicles were traveling at the speed of light.  Theoretically if the two vehicles could reach and sustain the speed of light, assuming the speed of light to be constant, then when the second vehicle turn on it’s lights the first vehicle would not see the light from the second vehicle.  I then went on to theorize that if the two vehicles were moving at the speed of light and the second vehicle switched on it’s lights then not only would the first vehicle not see the light, but the second vehicle would experience a sudden and possibly dramatic reduction in speed from the speed of light caused by the sudden reverse “thrust” from the head lights.  This theory is based on the fact that for a vehicle to attain the speed of light it would require a friction-less environment and an infinite amount of time to accelerate.  If suddenly particles were expelled from the front of the vehicle it would cause a major reverse thrust and deceleration.  At which time the first vehicle would not only not see the light from the second vehicle, but the first vehicle would be unable to see the second vehicle at all.  While the first vehicle continued to rocket forward in space and time the second vehicle would suddenly be traveling forward at regular time and thus would not see the first vehicle until it, the first vehicle, decelerated below the speed of light for the same amount of time as that which elapsed since the second vehicle turned on it’s lights.

All this to say my mind was racing and I was quite unable to sleep.  However now I could probably manage a bit of shut eye.

Good night all,

Crazy days

It has been crazy the last few weeks for me.  Work has me running like crazy and the family always keeps me busy.  Not to mention the preparation for the storm of the century.  Which ended up not doing much here in Potter County.  There was a ton of wind, but not much in the way of destruction.  My house only experienced a few short power outrages   We were very lucky and my prayers go out to those who did not fair as well during this storm.

As I said it has been a crazy few weeks and I’m hoping that some of that craziness will start happening here on the Bitternacht sites.  My good friend TGK will be starting up a project that could generate a lot of traffic on the sites and I’m hoping I’m prepared for it.  I guess only time will tell on that side.  I have many projects I need to start working on myself.  I have put off finishing Sean’s work for far to long and need to dig in and get it done.  His family deserves to see his writing in print and I need to make it happen.

Well I need to get back to my real job.  Please stop back and say hey.


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