gnawing at my core
leaving me hollow
lonely lost distraught

searing my brain
rending all thought
shattered scattered destroyed

igniting my anger
fanning the flames of hate
burn blast sunder

the primal
the base
the core of my being

all that i feel
all that i see
all that i am

burns with the thought
turns my brain to lava
molten and boiling

waiting to burn
the fear of you
the one that hates

driving me to the brink
lost in my hate
fearing my pain

pulling me closer
forcing the anger
hatred of an eon

red hot searing
thoughts of the past
dawn of the future

blackened to ash
destroyed by love
destroyed by hate

raised by fear
the fear of the one
lost and alone

flowing the ages
cold freezing frozen
darkness enfolding

all is as it was
never again to be
burned out of hate

for hate fears
that which it knows
known through life

lost and gained
given and taken
lost and found