Cries of pain, screamed in horror.
All is as one.
The scene is tragedy.
Thoughts of death and destruction.
The wreckage is minimal,
but the fear is overwhelming.
All converge on the body.
A life lost, All is as one.
Lights flash and sirens scream.
The countryside flashes past.
They work feverishly trying to save him.
But he is clearly gone.
The body is shell, the soul is lost.
All is as one.
The flesh is torn and bandaged.
Stitches to mend and casts to cure.
The body is whole, yet the soul is shredded.
Life renewed to a man that is lost.
Day by day life passes.
Stitches removed, casts cut.
Life renewed to a man that is lost.
No doctor can cure the pain that rocks this body.
The cure is held in understanding.
Love is cherished and hoped for,
Yet not wanted.
The mind plays havoc with the emotions of a madman.
One is as all, life renewed to a mind that is lost.