lightening slams into my body
the pain searing with pleasure
flesh melts away
as my body convulses with ecstasy

rock splits when my carcass slams against it
blasted by the force of my enemies power
the impact snapping bones
my body falls limp at your feet

with loathing you step forward
kicking at my limp body
disgusted by the fleshy mass
you withdraw

your back to pile of flesh and blood
content fills you
eyes upon the battle field
destruction emanates from your form

behind I stand
my bones gelatinous with in my flesh
i advance on prey
demonic glee playing across features lost

with uncontrolled perception i pounce
strength born of demons
i rend your flesh
blood bile and bone torn

your scream lost to ears
no longer of this realm
i feast on your life
drinking greedily

struggling with nerveless muscles
you fail to shake me
fingers and fangs driven deep
i cling to you

screaming you awake
sweating you sit in bed
reality slams home
it was only a dream

you lie back
clearing your head of the fear
convinced you stare at the ceiling
closing your eyes my face appears
pearl white fangs grinning at you in the darkness