The Everlasting

Searing and twisting the cherry tipped poker of fates hateful answers rend my flesh to naught but the charred remnant of loves wonton dreams. Fear grips and turns the clamp ever tighter around mine already clenched fists of rage. Trickling rivulets of crimson courses down wrists severed by the need for proximity denied. Ashen anger crawls across the featureless landscape of my up turned face left vacant by the madness of my cursed existence. Bestial rumbling of an unleashed lust tied by the stake of unlife I growl at my captor with the fear of undeniable requited fury. As the mist of my being drifts in to the ether of the unknown. I cry out, “Release me! Devour me! For surely I shall exist no more! Be one with the first for the last will come quickly to cease his time up on this plane! Release me!”

Fading I look down at you with loathing and lust. At once loved and too hated.

Twisted… I inspire and twisting I expire.