The Geeks Life

The radiant glow from the CRT cascades across my fingers as they traverse the well worn path of the coder. tapping an ancient rhythm that sooths the inner self. opening the mind to the flood of knowledge zipping along the information highway. feeling the electric tickle flow through me as i absorb the 1s and 0s like a sponge in water. ever building my fortress of insight to fend off the siren call of the neon green seductress. flickering tantalizingly from the back alley of the free net. begging, pleading me to enter. wantonly desirable to all a perverse lure to snare the senses with lustful abandon. only to trap you in shackled fury leeching the bandwidth from your system like the succubus she truly is. plaguing your system with zombie processes. feeding her master with all you possess. stalking your every move as a ghost in the system. corrupting the corner stones of your system to allow the net scum to pass as a specter unseen through your person. rending your most intimate thoughts public in an instant. projecting your behavior on the wall screen of information… making you another number to the giants. the corporate mind seething as it relishes its victory over yet another victim of underhanded business.

I resist. but for the brief weakness i pay with hours of clean up. with naught but hatred as payment. I, the computer geek, have resisted and yet they have won. they have not taken my being. they have not taken my thoughts. but yet they have won because I am no longer free. even as I continue to learn and grow and defend against them I am not free. for they have taken away the one thing that makes us all free.

Choice. the true freedom is choice. and that they have taken. but we can take that back. stand together and we can still defeat them. take back the net. stand up for free knowledge. resist their sirens. resist the best they can throw at you and share the knowledge you have with all.