The Victor

The light shines and the darkness fades away.
Victory over the daemons calls for rejoice.
The pure relax and their guard is dropped.
Evil flows and grows as the righteous restore their faith.
The death bringers attack, destruction in their hearts.
The faithful recoil in fear.
Waiting for a greater good to save them.
The faithless defenders step forward.
Their blades drawn in defense of the weak.
Caring little for themselves.
Sacrificing all for the helpless.
The battle is fierce.
The demons grow in power cutting through the defenders.
The fight seems hopeless.
Evil seems victorious over the fallen defenders.
Only one is still standing.
His back to the wall, sword blackened by the evil.
The weak scream out in fear.
Cries of mercy flow past the defender.
The evil merge into one.
The defender stands firm, defeat in his eyes.
The devil laughs a wicked laugh and reaches for the last hope.
It’s finger, claws of charred bone.
Victory playing in his empty sockets.
A beam of while light shines down on the defender.
The devil recoils in fear and agony.
A fiery sword comes to life in the defenders hand.
His armor renewed and shining.
His sword moves sure and swift.
The devil is laid to waste in an instant.
The defender steps into the light and vanishes.
The weak are left to ponder their fate.