Systems Administrator

Jared Empson

390 E. 2nd St, Coudersport, Pa 16915


Systems Administrator with more than 16 years of experience maintaining servers in a mixed network environment. Strong knowledge of designing and implementing Linux, Unix and Windows server and desktop Operating Systems for medium and large businesses. Skilled in planning and implementing migrations of live systems to virtual environments.  Capable of developing and deploying custom built system and network solutions with minimal documentation.  Excellent trouble shooting abilities of systems and environments with little to no documentation or training.


Systems Administrator

Zito Media

June 2009 – Present

Design/Implement a suite of Networking tools to monitor and backup switches and routers on our commercial backbone. Maintain all commercial and residential cable services including, but not limited to: web services, email, CMTS, DHCP, DNS, Video, VoIP and monitoring servers. Maintain an Active Directory domain for employees to use for centralized authentication as well as remote access to billing and internal applications from remote offices. Design and implement remote office network vpns and access to all internal applications. Act as second and third level support for all commercial and residential customers. Providing email and phone support to resolve service outages. Schedule regular and emergency updates of all Zito Media servers running a variaty of Operating Systems including Solaris 8, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux as well as Windows 2003 and 2008 Server.  Develop and deploy custom scripts and programs to monitor and manage various Zito Media systems.

Systems Administration Contractor

Zito Media

2008 – June 2009

Document system configuration Support Remote office terminal client PCs running Ubuntu 8.04 running rdesktop back to a central Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server. Design a migration plan from a Samba 3 NT Domain to a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain. Maintain patch levels for all Unix, Linux and Windows servers and PCs.

Windows Systems Administrator

Time Warner Cable

August 2006 – October 2008

Though my title is Windows Systems Administrator my duties range far beyond just supporting Microsoft Windows Servers. I also support TWC’s Customer mail system Mail 4.0 which runs on OpenWave software. I also support any number of Windows and Unix projects that are handed off to our support team. Currently I am the lead engineer for our VMWare Project as well as Alarmpoint. I am also developing a site wide Capacity and Planning Web application. 7 recommendations available upon request

Implementation Engineer

Adelphia Communications

April 2003 – August 2006

My responsibilities as an Implementation Engineer included, but were not limited to: Maintaining the Implementation Lab environment. Including updating and imaging lab PCs with up to date drivers and OS patches and service packs. Maintain the primary Lab DNS server as well as the environmental DNS servers. Plan and Implement patches and upgrades of existing and new software platforms. Including assisting in the implementation of the Adelphia PowerTools HSI auto provisioning suite. Support and maintain a Red Hat Satellite server as well as a Red Hat Kickstart server and a Sun Solaris Jumpstart server. Spec and order all Lab Intel hardware including PCs and Servers. Support and maintain various RH Linux servers in the Implementation Lab. Design, Build and Maintain and EMC SAN solution for the Lab Oracle & MS SQL Database servers.

Systems Administrator II

Gateway Computers

April 2001 – January 2002

My responsibilities as a Systems Administrator II included, but were not limited to: Maintain 300+ WinNT servers running various BackOffice applications. Maintain and secure the primary IIS servers hosting and all of the eCommerce servers. Plan for and implement update strategies for the primary IIS server to roll to Win2k Advanced Server. Plan for and implement a complete web based inventory system that tracked all spare hardware for the 300+ Intel based Gateway servers.

NT Administrator

Adelphia Cable Communications

January 1999 – April 2001

My responsibilities as an NT Administrator included, but were not limited to: Maintain mission critical WinNT servers running BackOffice applications vital to the daily functionality of all departments. Plan for and implement an upgrade strategy from an existing MS Postoffice distributed internal email system to a MS Exchange 5.5 email platform. As well as plan for and implement a WinNT Domain with centralized authentication. Maintain the WinNT and MS Exchange domains after implementation and continual upgrade of remote systems on the WinNT Domain. Plan for and initiate and upgrade plan to move from a WinNT Domain to a Win2k Domain structure. Plan for and initiate an upgrade plan to move from a MS Exchange 5.5 to MS Exchange 2k email platform.

Systems Support Specialist

Adelphia Cable Communications

January 1998 – January 1999

My responsibilities as a Systems Support Specialist included, but were not limited to: Maintain the desktop systems of the entire organization through hands on and phone support. Plan for and implement a strategy for upgrading the existing Windows 3.11 network to a WinNT Peer to Peer network. Creating and maintaining PC and Laptop images for the entire organization.

Skills & Expertise


Intel, Sparc & Alpha Desktop & Servers, Cisco, Juniper, Dell, Arris & 3com network devices including CMTS devices, EMC SAN & home grown Solutions


MS Office Suites, Remedy, GNU Linux Applications, Nemos, SupportSoft, Oracle 9i/10g, Webtrends, OpenWave, Nagios, Cacti, Rancid, Mantis, Apache, MySQL, OTRS, Bind9, MS DNS, PowerDNS, Alfresco, Alfresco Development, Eclipse, RT

Operating Systems

MS Windows, Solaris 8-10, Red Hat ES3, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SuSE 10, SELS 11, VMware ESX 3, ESXi4


C, C++, Basic, VBScript, ASP, Java, Perl & PHP, Unix Shell Scripting



Personal Interests

Senior Warden

Christ Episcopal Church

2010 – 2012

My responsibilities as Senior Warden included organizing and running our church vestry meetings.  Head up discussions relating to church business. Chair various church committees.  Act as point of contact for all church business when the church pastor was unavailable.  Work with the finance committee to create a yearly church budget.

Vestry Member

Christ Episcopal Church

2008 – 2012

Vestry member responsibilities included voting on current church business decisions.  Actively seek ways to encourage church growth.  Chair the pastoral discernment committee to replace our pastor that past away suddenly.  Chair the congregational development committee.  Work with the finance committee to write a congregational development grant.

Vice President

Potter-McKean Players community theater group

2010 – Present

PMP VP responsibilities included attending PMP quarterly board meetings.  Attend and run any production meetings the current President could not attend.  Chair the production committee for various productions.  Assist in various productions.  During this time I directed, performed in and produced several plays.


Potter-McKean Players community theater group

2004 – 2010

PMP President responsibilities included scheduling and running the PMP quarterly board meetings.  Schedule and run production meetings any productions scheduled.  Schedule and run the yearly PMP members meeting.  Work with the Treasurer and finance committee to write a balanced yearly budget.  Work with the production committee to plan a yearly schedule of productions.  During this time I directed, performed in and produced several plays.


Potter-McKean Players community theater group

1993 – Present

PMP Member responsibilities included attending the yearly members meeting.  Assist in any current PMP productions.  During this time I performed in several PMP productions.


Allegheny Good Times Singers Barbershop Chorus

1996 – Present

AGTS Barbershop Chorus Member responsibilities included active participation in the development and production of the yearly AGTS Barbershop Chorus performance.  Discuss and vote on the yearly production theme and music.  Attend weekly AGTS Chorus practices.  During this time I performed in several yearly performances as well as several private performances and competitions.

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